Vision: God what are you doing?

Do you stumble understanding what is going in your life? Do you tend to loose heart when all seems black and shapeless, and even ugly?

I do. But yesterday, I got an amazing lesson from my youngest daughter.

This past week she asked me to go shopping as she wanted to buy tools to paint. Well, she is almost 15 yrs now and she has not shown interest in painting in the past, besides when she was a small child. I remember she liked bold colors.

We went for shopping and I did not pay so much attention to this new hobby of her, but I was happy to do that thinking that this is a long summer and with life half paralyzed by the pandemic, this will be a boredoom killer for her.

Yesterday she came to show me her painting. She asked me what I thought about it and to tell her what I thought she was painting. To be honest I did not know what to tell her. I tried to understand what she had painted so far, and all I could see was a dark wall and what I called a window with dark curtains. To my surprise she was hurt by my comment and that I could not see what she was painting. I felt bad I could not think of anything else rather than dark walls and a window with dark curtains.

An hour later she comes out of her room and gives me the finish work which left me shocked and amazed.

“It is a waterfall mom, how could you not see it from the begining?”

Well, I could not. I did not have even a glimpse or the smallest idea of a waterfall when she asked me an hour ago.

This little incident made me think of God’s work in our lives. We may not see at the beginning what he is doing. We might even misunderstand, misinterpret or dislike it. As I write this, I even think for what is happening now in the world, all we can see is dark and scary.
But God is the great King, the chief artist, who brings beauty out of ashes, who creates light in the midst of the darkness. (Isaiah 45:7) He is sovereign and reigns over the flood (psalm 29:10) and He breaks the shields and weapons of the war. (Psalm 46)

All His works are beautiful and perfect. Blessed are those who have eyes to see it.

So if you are going through a tough time and you are discouraged, take heart. God has not finished His work yet.

When He finishes we will be left in amazement and tears of deep joy. Because He loves us unconditionally and with a love that lasts forever.

“Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!” Psalm 66:5

What about you, what have you found helpful these days to hope in God’s goodness in your life and that He is doing a beautiful work in you and through you?

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